A Brief Description of Hydraulic Seal

Seal is very important in packaging. Packaging plays a major role when it’s about loading liquids. The seal is effective in acting as a barrier that not only prevents the inner item from spilling but also blocks external impurities so as not to be spoiled into packaged items.

The hydraulic seal maintains high pressure in packaged materials. Hydraulic seals are made for alternating movements and common applications. Construction of this seal decides their type and also formed by application.

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This seal restricts the movement of the liquid from coming outside the shaft and housing. Sealing elements, metal cases and spring are three basic components of hydraulic seals.

O-Rings are the simplest but highly engineered with precise dimensions and design. These rings can be used in static applications or also in dynamic applications.

Square rings are made calculating mechanical pressure from the contact surface. This seal can capture high pressure and also does not fail mechanically.