Know More About Dumpwaiter Lift

Dumpwaiter is a device similar to an elevator and can be used to deliver food or other materials from one floor to another. Dumpwaiters are not new in the industry and are used throughout homes around the world. 

Dumpwaiter lift (Also Known as “ ลิฟท์ขนขยะ ” in the Thai Language) can carry clothing, food, laundry, firewood, books, and other household items. Apart from residential use, dumpwaiters are ideal for commercial use in stores, restaurants and cafeterias.

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Two general models of dumpwaiters available in the market are manual dumpwaiter and electrical dumpwaiters. Manual dumpwaiter are less costly than electrical models and operate through a rope that can be pulled by the operator to move items from one floor to another. 

The electric model is run by a motor with a variety of load carrier capacities and is easier to operate on a simple button press.Dumpwaiters can be called small mini-lifts with guide rails, pulley systems, and control systems. 

Most dumpwaiters are able to carry loads from 75 to 150 lbs. This elevator was built to last longer and equipped with a manufacturer’s guarantee that includes free service and replacement for damage.