Models of Fitness Trackers That Are Effective

When it comes to fitness tracker, some models are not as effective as others. They use the most effective technologies and programs to monitor the user's work out and the accuracy can vary greatly. Here is an overview of the most reliable fitness trackers.

Some users like the activity-based tracking provided by the Fitbit and similar trackers, while others prefer the pedometer-based ones that rely on a different mechanism to record exercise. The first one works with your body's movement, and the second uses your pedometer. The very popular Jawbone UP is among these. It does not contain any heart rate sensor, but has multiple features that are intended to help in calorie and exercise tracking.

Another popular tracker, the Misfit Shine, does not include any physical activity that can be tracked or measured. The smartness of this one lies on its stylish appearance and the impressive app features. This is a device to keep your busy. Users can track how many steps they take each day, how much distance they walk, and how much time they spent in the gym. Some people report having used it for more than two years, as the features remain relevant. However, these trackers lack any cardiac pulse monitor or heart rate function.