Non-Surgical Nose Job Using Dermal Fillers

Non-Surgical Nose Job

For those not interested in going under the knife and bearing a traditional nose job, then the non-surgical nose job option is best for you. A skilled cosmetic physician can utilize dermal fillers to fill depressions or add volume to the nose or at the surrounding tissue to make your desired look. 

  • It's an excellent boost for the self-confidence.
  • No downtime, you are able to go back to work the next day.
  • This process is done with a local anaesthetic. 
  • Quick treatment time and instantaneous dramatic outcomes. 
  • The price is much less than the purchase price of a surgical nose job.
  • The fillers continue about 10-12 weeks.  Will not make your nose smaller.

Non-surgical nose job will not make the size of their nose smaller. Liquid filler nose jobs actually add to the nose but after injections with filler, the nose does seem smaller because with the lumps and bumps levelled out it creates an optical illusion. 20 minutes before the procedure the area is given a numbing application. The dermal filler is then expertly injected into the required nasal areas.

Apart from some slight consequences, there are normally no side effects from dermal filler treatments, therefore many men and women return to work exactly the exact same day or next day after therapy. There are no bandages or coverings to wear after the injections so most people resume normal activities right away.